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    Pearlina Rose

    I help teacher mamas (pregnant or not) achieve time and financial freedom using digital products so they can enjoy their time being a mama to their own babies!

    • FREE Guide to Monetize your Skillset & Social Media

      FREE Guide to Monetize your Skillset & Social Media

      Learn how to use your teaching skills & passions to start making money online!

    • ABC's of Digital Marketing Academy

      ABC's of Digital Marketing Academy

      The internet is packed with coaches and gurus telling you about and selling their blueprints for making money online. But let me ask you, how many of them are genuinely committed to offering the support and mentorship you need? Most of them will sell you a course, guide, or program and wish you luck. True dedication to teaching is rare in this field. Most of these so-called experts aren't invested in helping you dive deep, discover your passions, and build a sustainable online business that lets you stay home with your little ones. I have had $1,000 weeks since I started this online business. And I was able to go on unpaid maternity leave early at 33 weeks in just 4 months of being in business for myself. I was able to do this simply by leveraging a course I didn’t even have to create and made it my own! When you have a process that shows you how to sell and what makes people buy, you too can: 💸 put money aside to cover you during your months of maternity leave 💸 create a savings fund to pay for all of your newborn baby’s needs 💸 and get to enjoy more ice cream dates with your kids without worrying about the cost. You believe so deeply that... ✨ You have a career that society glorifies because you are helping raise up future generations for this country, but the compensation does not reflect the amount of work you do for these kids.  ✨ You are determined to change your current reality and do whatever it takes to succeed! ✨ You are SO DONE with living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet!  ✨ You’re ready to find another way to make money while getting to be more present than ever with your own children.  ✨ You know you were called to serve more people than you could ever serve in the classroom. You're so ready for change but... Creating your own teacher resources is not your jam, nor do you have the time to sit there and create them (yet).  You are not entirely sure where to start in this online money making journey. You have a few hundred bucks available to invest right now but don't know what program would give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Your fear of investing in yourself has you watching so many other teachers making money online instead of just taking action.  Selling a digital product seems impossible because you think you have zero clue how to sell anything. This is for you if:  ✅ You know in your soul that God created you for a purpose and currently you are not walking in that God given purpose.  ✅ You want to start making money online but want someone to hold your hand through the process to help you navigate this new journey. ✅ You have the deep burning desire to supplement your income so that you can enjoy summer time with your babies and not have to teach summer school.  ✅ You have no idea what type of digital product or resource you could create but if you had one, you would do whatever it takes to get it sold so you can start supplementing your income.  ✅ You enjoy creating content on social media but would love to learn how to monetize those posts that you make for fun! ✅ You are confident in yourself and no matter what will reach your goals for you & your babies! If you’re ready to replace your income to stay home with your babies, live life without financial stress, afford to live life on your own terms, and step into your financially secure mom era, then this program is for you! What's included: ⭐️ Biweekly live coaching trainings ($497 Value) ⭐️ All access voice/message app with 3 months of support ($297 Value) ⭐️ A self-paced course that will help deepen your understanding of building your online teacher biz! ($497 Value) ⭐️ Free access to all new group programs/trainings during our time together. ($1000's Value!) The program costs is only $597, but the discounted rate for the rest of May is $100 off at $497.



    • The Digital Marketing Starter Kit

      The Digital Marketing Starter Kit

      Learn how to create your own digital product! What will you learn? -painting the vision -Setting Your Goals -Deciding your Target Audience -Branding -Setting up your back end -Creating your digital product -Setting up your landing page -Selling your digital product -Marketing on Instagram -Selling with emails -How to launch your digital product and more!!! Are you ready to transform your ideas into profitable digital products? This all in one mini course is your one-stop-shop, giving you all the vital, strategies, and insider secrets needed to kickstart your venture into the world of selling digital products. In this day and age, creating and selling digital products has become as a game-changer for teacher mamas looking for away to enjoy the simple pleasures of life & being able to treat their kids when they please! This course isn't just a manual; it's a treasure chest of knowledge created to guide you through every step of the process. From ideation and creation to marketing and sales, this kit covers it all—empowering you to unleash your creativity and turn it into a lucrative online business. The "Digital Empire Starter Kit" not only teaches you the fundamentals of selling digital products but also helps you develop the mindset needed to thrive in the digital marketplace—where risks can often be the gateway to unparalleled achievements and breakthroughs. Don't just dream about your ideas; let this mini course be the catalyst that turns your dreams into a reality!


      $77.00 $16.00

    • The Secret to Make Cash with Confidence

      The Secret to Make Cash with Confidence

      In this FREE Masterclass you’ll learn the steps you need to take to make cash online like the confident mama you are! In this FREE Masterclass we will dive in to: What it means to leverage a done for you digital product that is going to save you time from having to create your own digital product if you don't have one yet! What is a niche and what you need to do to identify yours? The power of social media and what you need to do so your clients come to you! This is for you if:  You know you were created to serve so many more people than you ever could in a classroom.  You want a plan and guidance that will make it so easy for you to follow. You have a passion and deep knowledge about a topic that you know so many people would benefit from you just need help putting it all together to make $ online.  You love making posts on social media and would love it even more if those posts could make you money! You want to supplement your income to contribute to your family income and reduce some financial stress! You are determined and confident to do whatever it takes to make this work! If you’re ready to save time and learn how to leverage a digital product that you didn't even have to create, make enough money to where you don’t have to stress about your finances, are ready buy groceries and pay off debts without putting yourself in a bind,  and change not just yours but your kid’s lives… This masterclass is for you!